Monday, September 10, 2012

International Peace Garden - Maternity Photography

Wow, so It's been almost six months since my last post. Sorry about that, but life has been busy! Turns our we are expecting a baby of our own, Yay! My husband is just starting his PHD program at MIT, yay. So we got to move across the country, less yay with the stress of moving (we are almost settled into our new place and it's actually great).

Somehow during these past 6 months I have still managed to take a couple of photos.  Now that things are settling down a little I have some time to add them to the blog.

Without further adieu...

This is my beautiful friend Brooke who was at the time expecting her first baby (the baby has since been born, is doing great, and is a number of months old)  Brooke found this great place in Salt Lake called the Peace Garden for her photos (look it up, it's worth seeing) and between her and her husband it was a very entertaining photo shoot.  They are just great and you'll see why. 

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